Our pets deserve the best. When it comes to flying our pets, we refuse to compromise on our pets’ safety and well-being.
when a Smart Pod is included in your pet flight?
when you can have your pet with you?
knowing they are safe with CarePod
How CarePod Works
Fly your pet using our smart travel pods. Our advanced software connects directly to the airline’s Control Center, protecting and supervising each pod every step of the way. Check your phone to see your pet’s travel updates until they are back in your care. Protection, comfort and peace of mind for you and your pets.
A Closer Look at the Smart Pod
Explore how each of our pods is specially engineered for your pet's safety and comfort
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A Closer Look at Carepod
Explore how each of our pods is specially engineered for your pet's safety and comfort
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Your Pet's Very Own
Virtual Flight Attendant
With CarePod’s advanced technology, we’re there with your pets throughout the entire journey. Connecting directly to the airline’s Control Center, the pod will call out to the airline if there are any updates and changes to your pet’s travel conditions. Control Center will send out staff on the ground to check on your pets when needed.
Monitors the status of your pet’s pod at all times
Alerts the airline’s Control Center when there are potential changes during the journey
Sends ground staff to respond to alerts and check on your pet in real-time
Why wait to fly with your pet?
Sashimi, Maltese Poodle Mix
“LOVE how there is now a first class option to fly my puppy! I only want the best for her and CarePod is it!”
Sashimi's Mom
- Ann N from San Francisco CA
Bentley, Havapoo Mix
“I’d never let Bentley fly cargo but after seeing CarePod, I know she’ll be super safe and comfortable. Plus I can track her journey. We’re brainstorming where to go next!”
Bentley's Mom
- Lindsay P, from Atlanta Georgia​
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