There’s nothing more precious than our pets.

Engineered to the highest level of safety and strength to protect your dogs and cats, CarePod is stress-free airline travel for you and your pet.

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Our pets deserve better

Designed by German engineers and rigorously tested by airlines around the world, with industrial strength construction that’s built to protect your pet.

Second to
none comfort

With a calming interior, diffused lighting, and a water tray that’s always full; CarePod removes the stress of flying so your pet travels in comfort and style. See it for yourself!

Dynamic Stability

Engineered to buffer changes
in temperature & turbulence

Dedicated Tracking

Connects to Control Center
for constant monitoring

Better Value

Fly one way for $850:
a competitively priced option

And away we go…

Fly Delta together with your pet, to 8 locations across America and back again.

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Assembled for comfort

Every component is engineered with your pet’s safety and comfort in mind. So you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight while your pet takes a catnap.

Insulated and multi-layered walls for enhanced safety and protection.

The ultimate protection against extreme elements and temperature fluctuation for your pet.

Automated hydration sytem for your pet’s health.

Your pet’s spill-proof water tray will always be filled throughout the journey.

Real-time airline supervision throughout your pet’s travel.

Non stop monitoring connected to every CarePod to supervise every step of your pet’s journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I buy or rent a CarePod?

CarePod is included as part of your pet’s flight when you book your pet to fly best in class on Delta. We know you don’t need the hassles of buying the wrong crate or keeping it around the house. Simply select CarePod for your pet when booking their pet ticket and your pet will be provided with a clean and comfortable CarePod on the day.

Where will my pet be on the plane? Is it safe?

CarePods travel in the aircraft’s climate-controlled cargo hold, in a ventilated and pressurized area for pets. More than two million pets travel safely this way every year, although they are usually in crates, rather than napping in the comfort of a CarePod. Our pods are specially designed with protective walls to insulate against temperature changes, extreme outdoor conditions and to always have water for your dog or cat, with constant airline monitoring and supervision.

How will the airline attendants monitor how my pet is doing, and contact me if I want updates?

CarePod is more than a pet carrier; it’s an ecosystem of care designed to make sure that your pet is safe, happy, and stress-free. Our monitoring technologies serve as a virtual flight attendant, reporting to the airline’s Control Center. Any changes — from your pet’s location, weather conditions to flight delays — are closely monitored so the airline immediately knows if your pet requires assistance. You will also be able to receive updates on your phone, right up to the point when you’re reunited at your destination.

Do I need to book my own CarePod on flights?

Our easy trip planner is available on our website, to ensure that your pet matches the airline’s specifications. Once your pet is approved to fly, you can click through to the airline’s website to make your CarePod booking, and receive your reservation email directly from the airline.

What paperwork does my pet need to travel?

The USDA requires an original health certificate for any cat or dog boarding an airplane, to ensure the safety of other pets in flight. This must be signed by a licensed veterinarian within 10 days of travel. Please note that if your return flight is more than 10 days after the health certificate was issued, you’ll need to get a new exam and health certificate for the return flight. If the forecasted temperature is between 20°F (-6°C) and 45°F (7°C), you’ll also need a Certificate of Acclimation from your veterinarian.

What do I need to bring?

We make it easy! You’ll only need to bring your pet on a leash — we take care of everything else. Some pets like traveling with the scent of their owner, so if you have a scented article of clothing or your pet’s blanket, bring it along to tuck them in for the flight.

How much does it cost?

CarePod is safer and more comfortable than coach, but similar in price.

Cost and benefits of a regular ticket Cost and benefits of CarePod


• Pet ticket = average $450
• Pet carrier = average $150
• GPS without any airline monitoring = $100
Total = $700


• Ticket price
• Superior engineering
• No-spill always-full water bowl
• Integrated airline Control Center Monitoring
 Total = $850

Lindsay P, Mom to Bentley, the Havapoo

I’d never let Bentley fly cargo but after seeing CarePod, I know she’ll be super safe and comfortable. Plus I can track her journey. We’re brainstorming where to go next!

Mike R, Grandpa to Kitty

I would definitely use CarePod again! Everything went smooth with sending our cat from SFO to JFK. I was able to track the journey, which arrived ahead of schedule. The cat is now with my son in NYC and doing well.

Ann T, Mom to Sashimi, the Maltipoo

Love how there is now a first-class option to fly my puppy! I only want the best for her and CarePod is it!

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