The Best 4 Pet Travel Bloggers We Follow

Can’t wait to start travelling again?

While we make the most of the time at home, it doesn’t stop us from dreaming about all he places we’d like to go. Here is CarePod team’s top picks for our favorite pet travel bloggers who make us laugh and inspire us even when things are tough. In no particular order, here are some of our favorites! If you want to nominate yourself or your fave pet travel bloggers, comment below

Teddy Takes The City @teddytakesthecity
small dog maltese Yorkshire terrier travel to San Diego beach holiday in the sand sunglasses

This 5-year old ‘Morkie’ (Maltese x Yorkshire Terrier mix) is a well-known pup who calls Atlanta his home. However always up for an adventure, he travels across the US, exploring pet-friendly places with his owner. The travel and lifestyle blog offers helpful recommendations and sights to see with your dog especially when visiting ATL!

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Popeye the Foodie Dog @popeyethefoodie
Popeye the Foodie dog sitting at a table in front of a stack of pancakes

Literally a ‘rags to riches’ story, Popeye was a homeless stray that was found by his owner near her home in Los Angeles in 2014. Not wanting to stay at home, his owners discovered that he really enjoyed accompanying them to restaurants. Fast forward to present day and he’s got over 330,000 followers on his Instagram page! This photogenic pup spends his days sitting in front of delicious food at dog-friendly patios all around California and beyond.

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Long Haul Trekkers @longhaultrekkers
man and his Australian sheperd dog traveling hiking through the forest and hills

This pawesome pack are certainly what we call, travel inspo! What began as a bike tour with their dog in tow lead to a lifestyle of discovering new adventures across the globe. One of the co-founders behind the blog states that “if we go, they go. We never leave our dogs behind.” So if adventure is calling but you’re not sure where to take your furbaby then explore this inspiring blog! 

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Boogie the Pug
Boogie the pug wearing a bowtie with Marcelo the Chihuahua also wearing a bowtie

As Boogie’s owner says, “to have pets and travel, makes everything better,” and we couldn’t agree more! The blog is a treasure trove of insightful and fun information for owners who are keen to travel with their pets. You can find handy advice and tips such as country policies, airline rules, budgeting with pets and pet-friendly places plus plenty of cute pics of Boogie!

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Book Your Trip
Find a flight by using Skyscanner or Kayak. These are our favorite search engines because they search multiple airlines and websites to give you the best price.

Book Your Accommodation
You can book a pet friendly hotel with PetsWelcomeAirBNB is another great resource to find pet friendly accommodation, just remember to double-check the listing allows your furry family member to stay.

Don’t Forget Insurance
Pet insurance will protect your pet when they travel. We recommend Nationwide or Pet Care.

Tips For When You Get There
Find a dog walker at Wag! or a pet sitter at pet sitter at Rover.

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