The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Pet 2020 Edition!

As proud pet owners, we enjoy spoiling our pets with love, treats, getaways and gifts! They may not understand the holidays but we’re sure they can feel the festive spirit around them. The best Christmas gifts for your pet no longer includes just a big bone or scratching post because, well it’s 2020! There are a great number of modern and innovative brands that provide thoughtful Christmas gifts for our furry friends. So, if you are a pet parent needing shopping inspiration, take a look at our list on Christmas gifts for your pet. (Feel free to share this with the grand-pawrents too!) 

Discover the pawfect Christmas gift for your beloved pet!

Smart Dog Collar

Christmas gifts pets black and white dog wearing a smart dog collar
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If you like to track your steps or calorie count then you’ll most likely have a FitBit or something similar but what about your dog? Well, thanks to Fi Smart Dog Collar, pet owners are able to see data such as step count to ensure they are getting enough exercise every day! It also comes with a rechargeable GPS that helps you keep track of your dog at all times. If you and Fido love to go wandering through the woods, then all you need to do is open the app on your phone and you can safely monitor your adventurous pup. The collar itself has a GPS-enabled brick on a replaceable woven collar that pairs with Fi’s app, it’s certainly an innovative Christmas gift for your pet!

Price: $99 annually (subscription based after a 30-day trial)

Interactive Smart Bone

Christmas gifts pets dog and kitten looking down at white robot bone
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The traditional dog bone just got a major upgrade for the modern dog. This interactive dog toy plays with your pet when you can’t! When Wickedbone launched on Kickstarter, they received full funding within a day, and we can see why. The “world’s first smart and interactive dog toy” has a variety of responsive modes that interacts with your dog to keep them mentally stimulated and entertained. The bone is designed to be safe, strong, and durable so it’s a fantastic Christmas gift for bigger dogs too! Using the app, you can connect and control the Wickedbone via manual drive mode (basically a virtual joystick!) Or interactive mode, that uses a two-way communication system specially designed to attract your dog’s attention. 

Price: $79

For more details on where to purchase, click here.

Scented Chew Toys for Pets with Sensory Needs

Christmas gifts pets Labrador dog holding a yellow ring toy in it's mouth
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Dogs are constantly using their nose to understand their surroundings, it’s how they experience the world. So, the passionate pet owners and founders at Playology decided to create the ultimate scented chew toys just for our dogs! Their line of dog-safe toys includes the chew stick, chew ball, dual layer bone and dri-tech ropes. Embedded in each toy are various flavor scents from cheese and peanut butter to beef and chicken! They recently released a toy line that is scientifically designed for senior dogs, we’re sure any pet parent will want to add one of these to the list of Christmas gifts for your pet.

Price: From $9.99 and up

High-Quality Pet Food Box

Christmas gifts pets brown dog eating from a food bowl next to branded pet food bags
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Canned pet food is a thing of the past as more brands and companies offer modern options that suit our pet’s dietary needs. The team at Open Farm have created high quality, human-grade dog food that can be delivered every day to your door! They believe in not only sourcing the freshest quality ingredients, but also supporting farmers who treat their animals right, and providing full transparency to customers. They cater to dogs and cats and if you don’t want to subscribe to daily meals then you can also just purchase their dry food, supplements and more.  

Price: Varies

Luxury Pet Bed Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts pets wooden cabana style pet bed
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Investing in a super comfortable bed is often worth it for us humans (who doesn’t love their sleep?!) So why not invest in a luxurious pet bed for your furbaby? Head over to Whom Home, who have created a plush line of unique pet beds featuring styles that include a cabana, a throne and even a “little house on the prairie!” Each bed is made of soft and durable cross linen weave fabric and you can choose from 10 stunning colors. There’s even the option to choose your wood finish to complement your surroundings!

Price: From $76 and up

Ceramic Water Fountain

Christmas gift pets cat looking down at a small white water fountain
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There’s something enticing about flowing water that often captures our pet’s attention so why not impress them with their own modern water fountain? This Christmas gift for your pet will make sure they are always hydrated and enjoy a refreshing drink. The Drinkwell fountain continuously recirculates and filters the water, keeping it cleaner and fresher than a standard water bowl. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe too!

Price: $83


Smart Squeak Plush Toy Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts pets white seal soft toy
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As pet parents, you may avoid those annoying squeak toys, but we’ve found a fun and inventive smart squeak plush toy that should be added to the Christmas list for your pet! Say hello to Super Ruff’s “Sqeal,” a soft toy that is motion-activated with quiet squeak sounds that appeal to our pets. As the website states, “They are more interesting than one of those ugly honking squeakers.”

Price: $35 (currently on sale for $19.99)

Zesty Paws Bites

Christmas gifts pets hand holding a treat close to a small dog
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“Keep calm and wag on” is Zesty Paw’s motto who offer our pets tasty Calming Bites, that are beneficial for those anxious or overwhelming moments. The delicious chewables have proved to a be a hit among pet owners who have tried other calming remedies and highly recommend this brand. The unique formula contains Organic Chamomile, Valerian Root, Hemp, Thiamine, and L-Tryptophan to help dogs with stress, fear, and hyperactivity in any situation. The holiday season usually means festive fireworks so this is a great Christmas gift for pets who need that extra support. 

Price: $29.97

A Gift For The Pet Parent  | CarePod Team

If you’ve rescued or adopted your pet, there’s a chance you may not know exactly what breed they are. Well, add this to your wish list of Christmas gifts for your pet – Embark DNA specialise in providing you with a dog DNA test that will give you pawesome results including a family tree!

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