DIY Thanksgiving Treats For Your Pets

One thing that is always associated with the festive holidays – lots of delicious food. From roasts to baked goods, there tends to be a dish for everyone including your pets! With 2020 ensuring we have more time to craft, create and bake, this is a great opportunity to make your own delicious DIY Thanksgiving treats for your pets. DIY treats are a healthy and loving way to let your furry friend be part of the holiday festivities, plus you’ll know exactly what your furbaby likes or dislikes and can cater to any allergies. The team here at CarePod have rounded up these simple and yummy DIY Thanksgiving recipes that will even tempt you into taking a treat or two! 

No Masterchef required for these easy and delicious treats!

Sweet Potato Casserole

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There are dishes that your pet will be lingering underneath the table for during Thanksgiving dinner so why not prepare them a feast of their own to enjoy? One ingredient that will most likely be on the festive shopping list is sweet potato. It’s delicious and is a heart-healthy treat for our pets! This Sweet Potato Casserole includes carrots, apple, and protein-rich kidney beans. It’s simple to whip up and is truly a DIY Thanksgiving treat that your pet will enjoy.

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Pumpkin Carrot Bites

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Is it really Thanksgiving without pumpkin? Pet owners may get confused whether their dogs can eat pumpkin, but the answer is yes! It’s not recommended that your pet chomps down on a raw pumpkin, instead, it’s best to cook, bake or blend pumpkin pulp (which provides lots of fresh fiber). This DIY Thanksgiving treat recipe is easy to make with only four ingredients required. Once baked, these bite-sized treats provide a light crunch on the outside with a soft chewy inside.

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Turkey & Sweet Potato Meatballs

sweet potato and turkey meatballs
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This handy recipe can make the most of Thanksgiving leftovers or even all year round! Using fresh and basic ingredients, it’s a wonderful dish that can add spice to the typical weekday meals for your pet. All you’ll need to do is use a food processor or blender to combine all the ingredients and then shape into balls before baking in the oven. It’s always reassuring to see that our pets love their DIY Thanksgiving treats and as owners, knowing exactly what’s in them!

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Pumpkin Apple Mint Snack Bones

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As much as we love our pets, we must admit that their “post-meal breath” isn’t the most delightful smell! Just like us humans who enjoy an after-dinner mint, this DIY Thanksgiving treat is a great alternative that is specifically made for our pets. The recipe includes fresh parsley and mint that work to counteract smelly breath while the delicious pumpkin and apple provide the sweet flavor. An added bonus is that this recipe is also vegetarian! 

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Loews “Spaniel Stuffing”

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Without a doubt, one of our favorite pet-friendly hotel chains is Loews Hotel. They love to pamper our pets as much as we do! This fun festive recipe was curated by the hotel’s Executive Chef Mark Ehrler and is part of their pet-friendly packages. So give your DIY Thanksgiving treat an upgrade with this easy-to-follow recipe and provide your pet with the feeling of a ‘staycation!’

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Pumpkin Spice Cat Treats

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Although dogs tend to be the ones lingering under the dining table, we’re sure that cats are just as intrigued when it comes to a Thanksgiving feast! Here’s a recipe just for your cat that will certainly get them into the holiday spirit. It’s a simple DIY Thanksgiving treat recipe and a great way to let your cat experience the iconic flavors of fall!

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Healthy Eating Tip  | CarePod Team

Because safety always comes first, it’s essential to take a look at the foods that should be avoided to ensure safe and healthy snacking for your pet. Many of our holiday favorites are likely to cause mild digestive upset however there are a few that can be dangerous such as: 

  • Turkey bones
  • Chocolate
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Raisins 
  • Grapes

Keep those items out of your pet’s way to avoid any trips to the vet.

At CarePod, our pet’s safety and well being are our biggest priorities. We bring you the latest news in pet health and wellness, as well as the best inspiration for pet travel and adventures. Don’t forget to create your pet profile at CarePod to receive all the latest updates!

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