Last Minute Stocking-Fillers For Your Pets!

Every year we all know exactly when Christmas will be and often try our best to be organized yet somehow there’s always a last-minute rush to get that gift for someone special! This panic-induced shopping may also include your furry companion, so if this sounds like you, well then look no further because our CarePod team have put together a fun and thoughtful wish list for last minute stocking-fillers for your pets so they can experience the joy of Christmas morning too!

Discover the pawfect last minute treat for your beloved pet!

Merry Woofmas Plush Toy Collection

stocking-filler pets a collection of Christmas themed plush toys
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If you love the festive season and want to give your pet their own Christmas-themed toys, then fill their stocking with the Merry Woofmas plush toys from Pet Play! There are five cheerful toys including a cute plate of Xmas cookies, ornament filled Christmas tree, and a silly Santa. You can purchase them separately or together but more importantly, no one will know that these were last minute stocking-fillers for your pets!

Price: $9.90 and up

To view the whole collection and where to purchase, click here.

Treat Dispensing Puzzle Toy

stocking-filler pets tumble teez puzzle toy in blue, red, green
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Every pet is different and we’re never quite sure of how they’ll react to new toys! But this challenging puzzle dog toy will certainly keep your pup entertained (so you won’t be disturbed during that Zoom meeting)! The intelligent design for Tumble Teez works like a fun maze. So each time a treat travels through, it will unpredictably dispose the treats as your dog nudges and paws at the toy. This last minute stocking-filler for your pets is made of natural, tough, non-toxic rubber and will stand up to all the fun your dog unleashes!

Price: From $5.99 and up

For more details on where to purchase, click here.

Smart Ball

stocking-filler pets a hand holding a wicked ball dog toy in front of two small dogs
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We published our pawsome Christmas wish list earlier this month and one of the gift’s included the innovative Wickedbone. Also known as the “world’s first smart and interactive dog toy.” The team have also released the durable Wickedball! That is a fun modern toy to keep your pet stimulated and entertained while you’re out of the house. This last minute stocking-filler for your pets is a bit on the pricier side but it’s definitely worth it! The smart ball is suitable for cats or dogs, both big and small. Interestingly, the balls are available in different colors and were designed to make sure that dogs notice the colors. In addition, there’s an “intelligent cycle mode,” that provides 10 minutes of active play and exercise before going into 30 minutes of rest mode. (Once touched again, the cycle will reset).

Price: $60

Order these pawesome last minute stocking-fillers before it’s too late!

Festive Gift Box

stocking-fillers pets festive themed box of dog treats
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If you just aren’t sure what to get then these last minute stocking-fillers for you pets literally ticks all the boxes! These gift boxes are filled with delicious healthy treats, a toy and even a cute holiday bandana! The team at pet-centric brand, I and love and you, have created festive gift boxes that even come all wrapped up and ready to give! They have two cute boxes for those either on the “naughty or nice” list! Get ready for some extra slobbery kisses under the mistletoe this year!

Price: $19.99

For more details on where to purchase, click here.

Interactive Fetch Toy

stocking-fillers pets the flockers dog toy in bright orange
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Get ready to meet the Flockers! These cheeky interactive toys will send your dog on a wild goose chase with their funny giggles, that get louder as your dog rattles or shakes them. It’s also important to note that they can be switched off easily too! The toys have been designed with a TPR body and durable canvas wings, making it safe and tough enough for playtime such as fetch and tug-o-war. These last minute stocking-fillers for your pets will keep them entertained. Plus they are great for dogs who have plenty of energy!

Price: $9.99

For more details on where to purchase, click here.

Soft Puzzle Mat

stocking-fillers pets green and brown snuffle mat with a dog sniffing the mat
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Does your pet eat at warp speed? Then this is a great training tool to help them learn to eat at a more suitable pace! The Snuffle Mat is a soft and colorful mat made of pet-friendly fabric that helps activate a dog’s sniffing instincts. By hiding treats among the “grass,” your furry friend will have to take their time by sniffing out all the treats. It’s machine-washable, so don’t worry about any extra drool! Plus has an anti-slip bottom for stability. What more could you want from a last minute stocking-filler for your pets?

Price: $17.99

For more details on where to purchase, click here.

Monthly Munchies Are A Tasty Stocking-Filler

stocking-fillers pets Christmas themed cookies for dogs
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Pet treats have come a long way! We’re big fans of the creative and modern bakeries like Spotted Dog Bakery, who cater exclusively to our pets. With more and more pet owners keen to know exactly what goes into their pet’s food, these are tasty last minute stocking-fillers for your pets. You can order a one-time cookie box or get a monthly subscription, filled with new and seasonal treats! This delicious box will certainly be the gift that keeps on giving (and those tails wagging)!

Price: $20 per month

For more details on the boxes, please click here.

Festive Holiday Tip  | CarePod Team

Who doesn’t love to rip open the wrapping paper on Christmas morning? For our pets, the crinkling sound can make wrapping paper a lot of fun to play with and that’s OK. However, as soon as you see your pet start to chew the paper up and maybe start chomping it, it’s best to take it away immediately.

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